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Do You Make These Mistakes Every Time You Get Dressed?

Find out how an average appearance impacts your day, your worth, your influence… costing you more than you think   As a female senior executive, you want to make a powerful impression, find your authentic style and align your appearance with your professional aspirations. Perhaps you want peace of mind knowing you will always look […]

First Impressions Are Sticky

Do you remember the time you met your first love? That all important first impression really captured your attention. No one else in the room or the place you were in mattered, in fact you probably have trouble remembering if anyone else was with you at all. You recalled how they looked, sounded and even […]

What is your Personal Image saying about you?

Podcast on first Impressions and dressing for success. Interview with Annmarie Download   You’re listening to another ambitious Entrepreneur Network dotcom podcast the voice for entrepreneurs and small business. Now to the show. Are you frustrated and confused about how to attract new clients nothing you have done is working and you’re tired of waiting […]

Top 3 Presentation Tips for a Job Interview When You’re Over 50

2UE radio podcast Interview with Kayley of 2UE lifestyle channel   On talking lifestyle fifty club shows. Nick: It must be really, really difficult to be 50 and over and find yourself unemployed made redundant whatever and trying to get back into the workforce. Kayley: Try reinvent your CV and yourself well someone who knows all […]

Image and First Impression

Interview with Anthony Turner Anthony Turner: Hi, my name is Anthony Turner. I’m a Director of the Small Business Institute and today my guest is Julie Hyne, who is a lady who has been working in the area of image, personal styling and personal branding and Julie, welcome to the interview and thank you for […]

3AW Interview on Julia Gillard’s glasses

3AW interview with Ross and John breakfast on Julia Gillard wearing glasses. Interview with Ross of 3AW Listen:   Just a hundred years out Queen Elizabeth was a 16th century monarch. Whats it matter. Ross: 11 minutes to 8 Julie Hyne is an image stylist good morning to you Julie. Julie: Good morning how are […]