Julie Hyne Image Stylist and Jane Jackson Career Coach

Live Zoom Broadcast – How to build your brand whilst working from home

Jane Jackson is a successful Career Coach, Linkedin Trainer, Resume and Interview Coach, Speaker and Leadership Coach.  In this live broadcast recorded at the beginning of Covid-19 , Jane talks all things branding with me with an emphasis on what to wear to project that all-important image while working from home.



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Top 3 Presentation Tips for a Job Interview When You’re Over 50

2UE radio podcast
Interview with Kayley of 2UE lifestyle channel


On talking lifestyle fifty club shows.

Nick: It must be really, really difficult to be 50 and over and find yourself unemployed made redundant whatever and trying to get back into the workforce.

Kayley: Try reinvent your CV and yourself well someone who knows all about it is Julie Hyne she’s a personal branding expert and stylist for executives and for people who are transitioning into new careers and she knows only too well the frustrations people experience when they’re trying to land that job. In a perfect world we would only be judged by the work we do but that’s not the case is it Julie?

Julie: No unfortunately it’s not Kayley.

Nick: Hi Julie.

Julie: Hi no it’s not look people are also judge by how they present and that can actually have a very big bearing on whether you actually considering for [unclear] or whether you will have passed by the next [unclear] in it.

Kayley: We all know about things like you know piercings and visible tattoos and stuff like that, but it can also come right down to having an unprofessional hairstyle or too much makeup those sorts of things it’s pretty common sense isn’t it when you think about it I think it is.

Julie: Well yes I mean it is common sense and we think it is but if you put yourself in the position of being you know a person who’s been out of the workplace for a while coming back in, then for them it’s very daunting and it’s confusing because the rules have changed actually over the years as to what acceptable and what potentially not acceptable and in some cases rules have been relaxed and so what they might have thought was the right appropriate dress to wear into an interview back then may not necessarily be the case now so it really does pay for them to do a little bit of research suss it out  little bit before they actually go in.

Nick: Julie I understand believe it or not bad breath is an issue.

Julie: It can be yes and unfortunately a lot of people aren’t aware that that’s going on. Same as body odour and perhaps wearing even a fragrance which is a little bit overpowering too, we all like to try and put those things on to make a good impression and for people to think that we’re presenting in the right way but sometimes it can be a little bit overdone, butless is best with a lot of those things but obviously you know personal hygiene is something which is a really big issue and it’s one that has to be dealt with very well.

Nick: What about perfume and aftershave?

Kayley: I used to work with a guy in a previous place a young guy and he wore so much after shave that after you walked past him you’d walk through this cloud of it. It was that overpowering, a really lovely guy and just think oh why doesn’t someone tell him but. Yes, same with women as well I did I don’t how do you say that in a nice why I mean I guess just sort of pull him aside and listen but I didn’t want to do it.

Julie: Look at education thing with a really good fragrance it should settle on your skin and even though you can’t smell it other people still can. But a lot of people think that if they can’t smell it no one else can.

Nick: Aren’t you supposed to spray it in the air and then walk through it?

Kayley: Correct me if I’m wrong Julie but proper French perfume you supposed to spray and walk through it, and the little bubbles of fragrance settle on you. And as they warm up they burst and that’s where the fragrance comes from so none of these three or four sprays all your hair like my mum does and it’s just too much.

Julie: And some people can’t take fragrance on their skin not often it suggests to those but people to spray the fragrance on your clothes because it will actually stay on the clothes as well. But a lot of people are sensitive to some of the fragrances so its just being considerate to other people actually when you’re choosing a fragrance just be mindful that less is best and if you can just get a hint of it as you walk in the room then that’s okay but certainly if its overpowering it’s not a good thing.

Kayley: Yeah now you’ve got three tips for looking your best in an interview what are they?

Julie: I have a look there’s been a lot of studies going on at the moment but make sure that when you present that you pressed your clothes before you go in, if you go in with a wrinkled shirt for example you know that really indicates to people that perhaps you are a little bit tardy and that might be a reflection on you some other work habits that you that have so it’s really important that you look nice and clean and crisp. Be careful as not dressing too casual for the workplace, and ther are very different dress codes when we consider business casual there’s a sliding style I suppose of being ultra-casual as we moved up the ladder to being professional and it’s really important to try and get that right because a lot of different industries have different dress codes and cultures in their organization and what might seem to be business casual in one industry maybe completely different for another, but it is important to get an understanding of the nature of the industry, the culture of the organization that you are  going into so that you sort of fit in when you go in.

Kelly: So if you’re going for a job as a law Secretary you would wear something different than if you were going for a job at Google, clearly or J.B HIFI

Julie: Absolutely and that’s what I mean like different industries, different organization have different cultures different dress code and what applies to one may not necessarily to apply to the other.

Nick: At JB HIFI have you been to one recently it’s compulsory to have tattoos and piercing and pink purple hair, it is.

Kelly: What’s with that. Now you also say Julie remove excess accessories.

Julie: Yes maximum of 3,  if you stick to that rule of having you know the three maximum then you’re not going to have anything that becomes a distraction to other people and yourself as well so just simple less is best. and smart and professional and you really can’t go wrong and make sure that everything you’re wearing is actually current and doesn’t look like it’s comes from 20 years ago, because that can be a dead giveaway to that you know you’ve been out of the workplace for a while and that could be a reflection on other things and other work habits that you do as well.

Kayley: Clean shoes make they are polish carry good pen in your folder not a big pin. Julie we’ve run out of time. Thank you so much they’re great tips and really helpful and I thank you for sharing them with us.
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Dressing for the Job You Want

2UE radio podcast
Interview with Kayley of 2UE lifestyle channel


Kayley: Now one of the recurring themes that comes up for our 50 up club members is the difficulty in finding work when you get over 50. There’s a belief out there in the market that once you hit 50 you don’t put your date of birth on a job application because you won’t even get into the interview. And it can be a difficult balance between having worlds of experience but not wanting to hear that you’re overqualified and in the weeks to come we’re going to talk to another expert about putting together a great resume if you’re over 50 but one of the key aspects look is how you present yourself. Julie Hyne is a 50 plus single mum and she can relate to many women out there and men who are struggling to find ends meet, look good and find the right job and she’s on the line, hi Julie.

Julie: Hi Kaley how are you?

Kayley: I’m well thank you for joining us. Now you’ve worked with men and women who are rediscovering themselves after suddenly finding that maybe they’re out of work or they’re outdated, how do you know if you’re out dated other than your kids telling you?

Julie: That’s a big one actually because they’ll definitely tell you if you are looking like a dag but unfortunately Kelly a lot of people don’t realize that they’re outdated and that’s a big problem for them because it might been years since they’ve actually taken a very long hard look at themselves and evaluated how they’re presenting to other people. This is a really big part of their personal branding and you know if they are looking a little bit tired or worn around the edges then you just really going to affect how other people see you know it’s going to affect how successful they’re going to be in all areas of their lives. Many of my clients tell me that you know the feeling of being outdates has crept up on them over the years and they start noticing other people who really do look good and people who they might like to look like and then all of a sudden the penny drops oh my goodness you know I don’t look like that what’s happens to me. And so they have this really big reality check on what they’re looking like and what they see when they look in the mirror. So then it comes down to what can we do now how do we go about changing that.

Kayley: Is it a good idea then to mimic people that you admire, is that a good place to start so if you’re looking, I’m to get on to Hillary Clinton in a minute. But if you’re a middle aged woman do you look at someone like Julie Bishop or Hillary Clinton and go okay what do they wear they are in very senior positions and obviously have people dressing that way.

Speaker 3: Well what about Julia Gillard?

Kayley: Yeah exactly.

Julie: Julia Gillard, yes well look all 3 women that you’ve mentioned have very distinct styles you know personal styles about them, and they dress a certain way because it’s a part of their branding it’s a part of who they are and people actually learn to how know, like and trust them based on how they present. And if it’s consistent then you know that works for them, but look I think sometimes it’s a good starting point for a lot of people to say well I really like the way that person dresses or I really like that style of clothing that she wears, but then it’s about working with someone who can help them determine whether that style is actually going to work for them or not because we are all so different and have different body shape and personalities and objectives.

Kayley: That’s a point I was going to make is that you know your body changes as you get older and you can’t obviously dress like you used to when you were 20 it’s really important to dress according.

Speaker 3: Because then you get call by kids call me a try hard, stop being such a try hard but then if I wear what I’m comfortable with they say I’m a dag I can’t win. Julie I’ll tell you what my daughter did she loves to take me shopping at the mall and she bought me a pair of shoes. I can’t remember the brand name, it looked like canvas Gilligan type shoes but they very, very hip.

Kayley: Converse?

Speaker 3: No.

Kelly: Vans?

Speaker 3: That’s it well done, okay she bought me a pair of vans and she said I’ve got to make sure that I put them on when she comes over to visit so she feels special. However, they’re the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever worn they are so thin the bottom.

Julie: Who said fashion was supposed to be comfortable,

Speaker 3: This is my point with my daughter these shoes are so thin on the soul I tried it on 20 cents piece and I knew it was heads. And yet I’m supposed to wear these shoes just because I look hip.

Julie: And they don’t exactly fit an orthotic they do they?

Kayley: No that’s they’re are modern day version of the Dunlop Valliant the Vans. So for women makeup is a very big thing as well when you’re getting older I remember reading somewhere that women older women should never wear dark coloured lipstick you know you should always stick to nice neutral colours because you know we’re getting older and stuff. What do you think Julie?

Julie: Well look it’s a fact unfortunately as we get older our personal colouring changes quite considerably, it actually gets cooler, so what we felt we could wear when we’re younger have to be tempered a little bit as we get older. And so yes lipstick is the main one definitely as we getting older don’t go for the really dark lipstick because if your lips just got a little bit thinner than it can make you look quite mean so we don’t want that so it is a good idea to really have a look at what colours do suit you as your aging and introduce those colours into your wardrobe and also into your makeup application, you don’t necessarily have to keep it neutral you can still wear colour because colour create warmth and it’s engaging for other people and it makes you feel good about yourself as well so that’s a good idea to get some expert advice on how do we do this as we’re aging so that we feel good about ourselves.

Kayley: Fantastic Julie thank you so much we’re talking to Julie Hyne she’s an image specialist and if you’ve managed to you know change your look at all as you’ve gotten older and with successfully and you’re happy with how you look or you kids have told you to stop dressing a certain way we’d love to hear from you for me 13 12 83.


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