Colour your wardrobe

As they move up through corporate life, many executive women end up with a predominantly black wardrobe. While black pieces are versatile and easy to wear, colour can add personality, style, youthfulness and energy to your appearance and create a unique look.

With colour analysis, Julie can show you how colour can be used strategically to express your uniqueness and highlight your best features.

Colour can bring spark back into your wardrobe and take attention away from figure challenges, drawing people to focus on more important attributes such as your face, and eyes. Wearing the right colour can make you look and feel more youthful, energised, and like the confident, successful and attractive career woman you are.

This is more than simply picking out the right colours for you. Colour analysis is part of Julie’s methodical approach to helping you create a professional image that enables you to reach your highest style potential. Read more about the strategic and comprehensive nature of image consulting.

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