Find out how an average appearance impacts your day, your worth, your influence… costing you more than you think


As a female senior executive, you want to make a powerful impression, find your authentic style and align your appearance with your professional aspirations.

Perhaps you want peace of mind knowing you will always look great and feel comfortable in any situation.

But, like many others, you often feel overlooked, lost in the shadows and frustrated you don’t have the success you want.

If you think first impressions don’t matter, then think again.

The fact is the wrong wardrobe can cost you your pay rise, your next position, your promotion or board placement. This can represent hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.

Here are the three common mistakes women make choosing what to wear each day… and how you can avoid them.


Mistake 1: Women don’t think, plan or invest in their wardrobe

Do you avoid buying new clothes? Do you feel like clothes shopping is an inconvenience and a waste of time? Do you complain about your wardrobe inadequacies?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you need and deserve to invest in your wardrobe now.

After all, you are a brand.

The only thing standing between you and the position you want is convincing the Board that you are the one that will make a difference.

This is how my clients have increased their status… by being asked to take important roles and consider new opportunities.

Answer these questions honestly to yourself…

Do you have a week of ‘go to’ outfits, so that, at a moment’s notice, you can travel to board meetings, high powered lunches, media engagements, and greet government officials?

Can you create a fresh and professional look every single day with your current wardrobe?

Do you know the style that suits you, your body shape and your personality?

Do people envy your outfit choices and hang on every word you say?

Do you feel more influential as a leader because of the executive presence you portray?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then perhaps your wardrobe and style is the problem.

There’s only one chance to make a great first impression.

In fact, your appearance will influence…

  • decision makers at a subconscious level
  • how others respond to you
  • your sense of confidence
  • and whether you have made a lasting impression

Despite what some people think, research proves that better looking people earn more, are generally happier, healthier and enjoy life more.

I’ve had clients confide that they have generated 20% more income, been offered significant speaking gigs, and have been sought out for very senior positions… due to their updated executive presence.

It makes the investment in their personal style journey feel like a bargain.

Best of all, your new executive presence becomes part of your personal power.

But you have to own it like Lady Gaga did in ‘A Star is Born.’ You have to be that star.

Make sense?

In the movie, Lady Gaga became the star after an intense makeover of her appearance and performance.

You can’t have it the other way around. You don’t go on stage before you’re dressed.

Women who undervalue themselves think they can, but these women often miss the opportunities that come their way.

If you think “people should want me for my skills and experience, not for how I look, or, I don’t need to create an impression; makeup and grooming shouldn’t impact how successful I am’… well, unfortunately, you’re wrong!

Just look at how that approach has been working for you so far.

Imagine having a system that allows you to dress for success every day of the year. To be the woman who stands out and is recognised as a true leader. To honour your personality, style and position yourself as a mentor and role model to other women too afraid to step up.

My “Style for Life Formula” is a system that guarantees you’re never lost in the shadows again.

Now you can have massive recognition by your peers, company stakeholders, industry leaders, government Ministers and elite head-hunters.

The opportunities are out there waiting for you to act.

But first, avoid this second mistake…


Mistake 2: Stop following the pack. If you believe in yourself, then invest in yourself

Did you know that the corridors of Parliament House are filled with women wearing Carla Zampatti, and other well-known fashion brands? It’s also the same in the corporate arena.

But who will remember you if you follow the pack? Who will see you as a leader if you don’t stand out?

If you value your integrity and your money, then you need to invest in yourself.

After all, people notice how well you present, your attention to detail and the respect you give yourself and others.

People don’t see the brands.

They see confidence, competence, calm and personal power.

Let me tell you, of the hundreds of women I have met from LinkedIn, only a fraction of them are communicating the truth about themselves through their profile photo. When I meet them in person, it’s a different story.

The difference between the person making $100k a month and the one hoping to get further – is so about having your personal style organised. These people invest in themselves. They don’t worry about what other people think.

Because it’s not about the brands – it’s about the result you want.

I’m the only executive stylist that I know of that promises a wardrobe that is so streamlined, that the only problem you will have is deciding which outfit is your favourite – because I promise you’ll love them all.

You’ll never second guess yourself again. You’ll have the respect of your peers. And you’ll reduce the time and effort it takes to pack your travel bag. The result… you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are going to always look your very best.

The final mistake…


Mistake 3: Your actions as a leader don’t show that you walk the talk

To be a powerful and influential leader your appearance and image are important for those women watching you from the wings.

If you don’t walk the talk, then how do you:

  • provide inspiration?
  • give other women hope and confidence?
  • challenge others to ignore what others think and enjoy being a woman again?

Julie Bishop did the day she resigned from Cabinet wearing her red shoes. She walked the talk.

How can you show other women how to always look great if you are not doing this? How can you influence them to show what they’re doing is not serving them? That they’re missing out on opportunities?

When I work with my clients’ I first show them how they might be literally making themselves invisible to others and how this might be costing them tens of thousands if not hundreds of dollars. Not to mention, how much it’s costing those that watch them from the wings.

  • For example, if you’re a “mid-level Manager” looking for a promotion, I’d show you how your image will be noticed on LinkedIn and other platforms, and how this will influence people to read more about you.

Then I’ll help you change your image to get an immediate and positive reaction from others.

  • If you’re a senior executive, I’d show you why you feel frustrated and out of your league with fashion and styling, and what it’s costing you. It can be shocking to find out what it’s costing your organisation by not presenting your best, particularly when your staffs’ performance is impacted when they negatively interpret your current image and style sense.

Ask yourself, how much can you impact your result and those around you by presenting at your best?

  • If you’re passionate about what you do but aren’t getting the results for your company, charity, or industry body, then maybe you’re not connecting to your audience. Your clothes are not speaking the right language.

In the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, you might recall at the Live Aids concert; the phones didn’t start ringing until Queen came on stage. They had the look, the music and the right message to get people to respond and donate.

Other bands didn’t have the same effect. Queen captivated the audience and the phones started ringing.

I’m not suggesting you become a rock star, but the concept is the same.

Get the right look to convey the right message through how you look, feel and act. When you do this, you’ll see results.

Walk your talk, and you’ll have new opportunities coming to you.

If you’re ready to make a powerful impression, find your authentic style and align your appearance with your professional aspirations – while influencing those around you, then I encourage you to invest in yourself.

Right now, I have a limited offer available for executive women who are serious about their personal brand and look.

Apply now for a conversation that can change your life.