Embodying Empowerment Through Styling With Julie Hyne

A woman can embody empowerment in various ways—one is through dressing up with styles that suit them and makes them feel confidently beautiful. However, many women struggle on finding a style that fits them. This is one of the struggles that most women face daily. To help, we present you with this podcast that will benefit you in finding your style through embracing femininity.

In today’s episode of Louise M Empowerment podcast, Julie Hyne, a mentor, and stylist will join us to talk about Embodying Empowerment Through Styling. Julie will discuss her journey as a stylist, as well as the different influences she encountered. She will also share her ways of encouraging women’s empowerment.

Join us as we unfold another chapter of our empowerment series. Sit back, relax, and be empowered with this podcast. Tune in now!

[00:24] How Julie Hyne defines empowerment [04:57] How the peers and school can mold you [05:46] The story behind her father’s legacy [09:10] What is Julie’s way of empowering women [10:21] How Julie achieved the real sense of empowerment [14:01] How to encourage women to look their best [14:50] Is emotional and physical change evident after Julie’s program