Professional Image Consulting

Professional Image Consulting is a service that is available globally by accredited Image Professionals. It differs from personal stylists who focus mainly on fashion trends and looks as opposed to curating a professional image for the career focussed executive woman that embraces style and fashion for her particular needs.

Why style matters to the career focused Executive woman

Research tells us that an attractive appearance plays a significant role in the success of women in the workplace. This isn’t about physical traits alone, but how we enhance our appearance with appropriate grooming and personal style.

People who are considered attractive earn roughly 20 percent higher incomes, and are perceived as more competent and trustworthy in the workplace. The tangible results are very telling. These people are seen to wield more personal power, are far more influential and ultimately, more successful.

The reality for many people, however, is they experience a daily struggle around what to wear, what fits their comfort and budget. Many spend significant time and wasted money (as well as energy and crucial emotional labour) finding and purchasing an “ever-new” wardrobe. We are not always trained to think strategically about personal style during this process. For those who want to maximize their workplace credibility, improve their standing, and access to better salaries, the bottom line is a strategic approach to your personal style. Owning your femininity is the source of your power.

The question is not whether we should or shouldn’t consciously establish our individual aesthetic principles, but HOW do we do this in the most effective way?

Julie Hyne Image Consultant Find Your Style

Find Your Style and Change the World

How to dress for boardroom success

Given the relaxing in dress code since the pandemic across multiple industries and corporate environments, many women are confused over how to dress for boardroom success and still project a powerful image.

Upgrading your style isn’t just about changing your clothes — it is an exercise in value creation. It visually represents your distinct personality and desires. Styling is where creativity meets strategy. Find out what motivates you in your personal and professional life, and create a brand which aligns with these principles

Image Consulting combines the science and psychology of image, helping you to build confidence and create a powerful statement of your own brand.

It’s more than just a shopping trip, or keeping up with clothing trends. Let’s be honest –many current fashion trends may not reflect your ideal style anyway. There is no need to prioritize conformity over your own needs. Often the pressure to play down your unique femininity can be a liability

And how comfortable do you really feel spending such a large sum on clothes you’ll never wear?

When you work with Julie, you will discover your own personal style based on body shape, proportion, personality, color analysis, and correct fit.
You will receive guidance around hair, makeup, grooming, accessorizing, and image enhancement, and you will have help in navigating the different requirements of business boardrooms and social events.
Most importantly, you will rediscover the confident and successful woman you truly are.
When you dress in style, you will walk with confidence.

Julie Hyne style change your life

Change Your Clothes and Change Your Life

How much money are you wasting on clothes?
Did you know that we typically only wear 20% of our entire wardrobe? Learn how to target your purchases and maximize your existing wardrobe so that you can save money, time, and hassle. Taking the legwork out of clothing decision frees up crucial mental energy to invest in your professional and personal life.
Make the right investments for your wardrobe. Give yourself the freedom of many outfit options, and say farewell to the morning struggle of finding something suitable to wear.
Clear out items which no longer serve you, re-invent existing pieces by combining them in new and creative ways. Julie does all the hard work for you, so you don’t even have to think twice about choosing the right garments for your style.

Your wardrobe makeover will help you:

  • flowerOwn the right combination of core, basic, and accent pieces
  • flowerLook your best every day
  • flowerSave time and money when it comes to buying clothes
  • flowerDiscover a style that enhances your personality and aspirations

Personal shopping for your executive needs

Do you hate shopping for clothes?

Many women refuse to shop or even try on garments before they purchase them. They have expressed their dislike towards pushy shop assistants, bad lighting in change rooms that makes them feel 2 sizes larger than they are, and frustration over not finding anything that fits or suits them.
Most of the time, their dilemmas are all centered around perception — not knowing what actually does suit them and not shopping with a plan. Many women also have very little time and experience in how to work with the current fashion trends to enhance their personal style, and so continue to dress in the same way even if it feels boring or unattractive for them.

In the personal shopping component of her style packages, Julie helps you alleviate these pressures and bring your aesthetic brand to life.
Julie will personally shop for you, choosing stores and garments she knows will complement you, your lifestyle, and your professional style needs. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the experience knowing that a professional image consultant is creating a truly workable wardrobe that you can take from one season to the next. Julie’s clients feel safe and heard – she challenges your preconceptions about fashion, while unpacking any concerns or deeper anxieties about style in the workplace.
This service is far more than personal shopping. Julie offers you a systematic approach to clothes selection aligned to your unique personal brand. Read more about the strategic and comprehensive nature of image consulting.
Book a consultation with Julie to discuss your style package.

Colour Your Wardrobe

Is your wardrobe a sea of black?
While black pieces are versatile and easy to wear, color can add personality, style, youthfulness and energy to your appearance.
A color analysis allows you to see how you can express your uniqueness and highlight your best features, using your own signature color palette. Subtle tones and temperatures can make or break your entire aesthetic.

Your color analysis can help you to:

  • flowerBring a spark back to your wardrobe…and put a spring in your step
  • flowerDraw attention away from figure challenges, and towards important attributes such as your face and eyes
  • flowerFeel more youthful, energized, and confident—like the successful career woman you are
  • flowerLearn how to reach your highest style potential using color

Look Your Best Every Day

Did you know that women who take the time to groom themselves and wear age-appropriate makeup improve their capacity to impress others by 90%?
Julie’s expertise in hair and makeup looks can help you make the right impressions in your professional life. There is nothing more satisfying than discovering the perfect cosmetic combinations to lift your features, soften or enhance your bone structure, and project an image which is at the same time both beautiful and powerful

Your hair and makeup session with Julie will help you to:

  • flowerDiscover which styles suit you
  • flowerLearn how to apply makeup easily and to maximum effect
  • flowerHow to adjust your makeup for the office, boardroom, and dinner… and every other situation
  • flowerApply makeup in no longer than 5 – 10 minutes


Having just celebrated my 50th birthday and commencing a new phase in my life, I feel somehow empowered, that I now have a new-found confidence in my appearance and more importantly, my relationships with those I come in contact with. Many, many thanks, you’ve changed my life!

Ruth Brown

Last week I applied for another job and the recruiter called me up in the morning asking if I could interview with the client that very same afternoon. I took about 2 seconds to look down and check out what I was wearing and say yes! I knew I looked extremely presentable, and I absolutely loved the absence of stress around what I was wearing. By the way I got the job!

Nuala Young

I recognized that no matter what has happened or is going in one’s life it is possible to create a very positive and confident image. I can still believe in myself and be the best I can be. You are an amazing woman. You are very easy to talk to, and you are very intelligent and an amazing thinker.

Giselle Muller

Having known Julie personally and professionally for 15 years, I can truly say she lives and breathes what she shares with her clients to express their own unique image and style. She is able to communicate her expertise elegantly and guide clients to apply the principles in personal and professional life. If you haven’t yet experienced Julie’s ‘magic’, you’ve been missing out!

Susan Davie
(Owner/Director of New Choices)