Why style matters to the career focussed Executive woman

Research tells us that an attractive appearance plays a significant role in the success of women in the workplace. This isn’t about physical traits alone but more so how we enhance our appearance with appropriate grooming and personal style.

Those considered attractive earn roughly 20 percent more money and are perceived as more intelligent and trustworthy in the workplace. The result? These people are seen to wield more personal power and are therefore, more influential and ultimately, more successful.

The reality for most, however, is they experience a daily struggle around what to wear, what fits and spend significant time and often wasted money finding and purchasing an “ever-new” wardrobe. They are not thinking strategically about personal style during this process. For those who want to convey credibility, power and improve standing or salary in the workplace, the bottom line is that a strategic approach to your personal style matters a lot.

The question is not whether we should or shouldn’t consciously establish a personal style but HOW do we do this in the most effective way?