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Did you know that women who take the time to groom themselves and wear age appropriate makeup improve their capacity to impress others by 90%?

Julie's expertise in hair and make-up looks can help you make the right impressions in your professional life.

She can provide recommendations on hair styles that will suit you as well as modern make-up applications that will enhance your natural features. With her skills and natural talent in this area she can also show you how to take your look through from desk to dinner by making a few simple adjustments and how your morning makeup application can take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

This is not just a makeover. This is part of Julie’s systematic approach to helping you create an authentically styled professional image. Read more about the strategic and comprehensive nature of image consulting.

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Having just celebrated my 50th birthday and commencing a new phase in my life, I feel somehow empowered, that I now have a new-found confidence in my appearance and more importantly, my relationships with those I come in contact with. Many, many thanks, you’ve changed my life!

Ruth Brown

I received the royal treatment from Julie. She came to my house, picked through my closet and we discarded a great many items that just weren’t working. She did my make-up and showed me the amazing difference having a bit of colour on the face makes. After shopping and trying on a few outfits, I felt more confident. I would definitely recommend taking this next step because it was only after that experience that everything ‘fell together’ and I really saw the real potential. It was pretty amazing. I believe I will hire Julie every year to refresh my wardrobe in this way.

Miss D (Lawyer)


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