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Personal shopping for your executive needs

Do you hate shopping for clothes?

Many women refuse to shop or even try on garments before they purchase them. They have expressed their dislike towards pushy shop assistants, bad lighting in change rooms that makes them feel 2 sizes larger than they are, and frustration over not finding anything that fits or suits them.

Most of the time, their dilemmas are all centred around perception, not knowing what actually does suit them and not shopping with a plan. Many women also have no idea how to work with the current fashion trends to enhance their personal style and so continue to dress in the same way even if it is boring or unattractive for them.

In the personal shopping component of her style packages, Julie helps you alleviate these apprehensions.

Julie will personally shop for you, choosing stores and garments she knows will complement you, your lifestyle and your professional style needs. You'll be able to relax and enjoy the experience knowing that a professional image consultant is creating a truly workable wardrobe that you can take from one season to the next.

But this is more than personal shopping, Julie offers you a systematic approach to clothes selection aligned to your unique personal brand. Read more about the strategic and comprehensive nature of image consulting.

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Having known Julie personally and professionally for 15 years, I can truly say she lives and breathes what she shares with her clients to express their own unique image and style. She is able to communicate her expertise elegantly and guide clients to apply the principles in personal and professional life. If you haven’t yet experienced Julie’s ‘magic’, you’ve been missing out!

Susan Davie (Owner/Director of New Choices)

I received the royal treatment from Julie. She came to my house, picked through my closet and we discarded a great many items that just weren’t working. She did my make-up and showed me the amazing difference having a bit of colour on the face makes. After shopping and trying on a few outfits, I felt more confident. I would definitely recommend taking this next step because it was only after that experience that everything ‘fell together’ and I really saw the real potential. It was pretty amazing. I believe I will hire Julie every year to refresh my wardrobe in this way.

Miss D (Lawyer)


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