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Julie helps you find and develop your personal style and she also teaches you how to dress for success at a much higher level than is generally offered in the market.

Image consulting is a profession that involves ongoing, robust training and up-to-date technical knowledge to meet industry standards and stay on top of changing trends and advances. With deliberate intent, knowledge of the science and psychology of creating a powerful image, an experienced and professional image consultant can help you create a powerful brand statement.

As opposed to generalist personal styling, where non-accredited stylists take clients on short shopping trips and offer advice on the basics of trends and clothing selection, image consulting encapsulates a comprehensive approach to defining and creating your personal style. It isn’t about shopping for current trends or just a few new outfits, it’s about curating a trademark style that is authentic to you and speaks of personal brand.

Image consulting includes personal style needs based on body shape, proportion and personality, colour analysis, correct fit, your hair, make-up, grooming, accessorising, image enhancement, and can extend through to business and social etiquette.

With Julie as your professional image consultant, you can create an authentic personal style that directly enhances your opportunities and results and makes you feel attractive, confident and in control – for life.

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Having just celebrated my 50th birthday and commencing a new phase in my life, I feel somehow empowered, that I now have a new-found confidence in my appearance and more importantly, my relationships with those I come in contact with. Many, many thanks, you’ve changed my life!

Ruth Brown

Julie Hyne gives the kind of advice every working woman of “a certain age” should take if they want to boost their self confidence in the workplace and their private lives. I had lost direction with my personal style. One consultation with Julie helped me to rediscover the best aspects of my appearance and redefined my image and wardrobe, giving me a new lease on life. Thank you, Julie!

Donna Mongan


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