An important part of my work is helping other women who would not normally have access to the services I provide. Bringing down the veil of exclusivity helps us build a stronger future, where women are represented and respected as business leaders. This task cannot be left up to chance. I truly believe in the power of successful women to elevate other female professionals – and those who desire a fulfilling careers – from all walks of life
Over the years I have worked with many Not For Profit organisations including Red Cross, Salvation Army and other Charitable associations to help women who are less fortunate achieve their ambitions.

I am very proud have previously worked with Dress For Success in their Empower women workshops. I continue to support their cause by asking my clients to donate items from their wardrobe which they no longer need

It is my mission to raise $50,000 for the purpose of giving underprivileged women access to the skills and strategies they need to dress for style and success. In doing so, we help make a difference to the lives of women who contribute meaningfully to the Australian workforce – carrying themselves with dignity and pride, becoming independent and actualised in whatever their chosen career might be.

I feel it is vitally important to consciously build the profile of women in Australia. We are standing on the precipice of social change, and our future has never looked brighter

Julie Hyne charity philanthropy
Julie Hyne