Wardrobe Makeover

Wardrobe makeover to maximise your investment

Did you know that we typically wear only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time? That means there is considerable waste in time and money spent shopping if the clothes you buy are not being worn, for whatever reason.

Wardrobe is a huge investment for career women. Knowing how to target what we buy and how we maximise the use of our garments helps our budget and ease of dressing. An expensive yet versatile suit, for example, can be a better investment than a one-off piece you will only wear once. Julie will assist to ensure that you are making the right investments for your wardrobe that will give you many different outfit options.

Julie helps makeover your wardrobe by clearing out any items that no longer serve you and reinventing existing pieces. During a wardrobe audit, Julie will assess what's working and what's not, so you don’t have to think twice about choosing the right garments that will compliment your personal brand. Owning the right combination of core, basic and accent pieces enables you to look your best every day and will save you considerable time and money going forward.

This is not just any wardrobe makeover. This is a systematic approach based on the profile of your personal signature style. Read more about the strategic and comprehensive nature of image consulting.

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When I met Julie I was not confident in the clothes that I had. Julie helped me enormously by working through my wardrobe, identifying key elements that did not suit me and showing me what styles and colours complimented my body shape, age and personal taste. The outcome was significant and pleasing. Working with Julie has been a lifetime investment that rewards me every day. Thank you, Julie.

Joan Gladman (Real Estate Auctioneer and Business Owner)

Last week I applied for another job and the recruiter called me up in the morning asking if I could interview with the client that very same afternoon. I took about 2 seconds to look down and check out what I was wearing and say yes! I knew I looked extremely presentable and I absolutely loved the absence of stress around what I was wearing. By the way I got the job!

Nuala Young


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