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Lead with confidence and professionalism

As an influential and powerful woman, you love making a difference in the world. You know that professional success is about presenting the best version of yourself – and this includes your appearance.

When you look good, you feel good. You walk and talk with a confidence that matches your professional expertise.

An authentic personal image makes you more credible, confident, and impressive.

Experience working with many women just like you has proven that upgrading your appearance can magnetise your opportunities and enhance your results without investing in any more expensive leadership programs

If you’re looking for a simple, stylish, professional wardrobe that reflects the woman you really are, Julie Hyne will show you how.

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Dressing for Boardroom success…. it isn’t a fallacy!

Since the Pandemic, many women are confused over how to dress for boardroom success and still project a powerful image. This is because the boundaries for dress code have been relaxed and not adhered to.

Upgrading your style isn’t just about changing your clothes — it is an exercise in value creation. It visually represents your distinct personality and desires. Styling is where creativity meets strategy. Find out what motivates you in your personal and professional life, and create a brand which aligns with these principles

Image Consulting combines the science and psychology of image, helping you to build confidence and create a powerful statement of your own brand.

It’s more than just a shopping trip, or keeping up with clothing trends. Let’s be honest –many current fashion trends may not reflect your ideal style anyway. There is no need to prioritize conformity over your own needs. Often the pressure to play down your unique femininity can be a liability

Spending a large amount of money on clothes you’ve never worn can really affect your confidence and levels of personal guilt, so much so that you will refrain from investing in anything for years to come, meaning you age and date very quickly rendering you irrelevant to precisely those you need to impress.

When you work with Julie, you will be able to address your fears, frustrations and sense of self worth to discover your own personal style based on body shape, proportion, personality, color analysis, and correct fit.

You will receive guidance around hair, makeup, grooming, accessorising, and image enhancement, and you will have help in navigating the different requirements of business boardrooms and social events.
 Most importantly, you will rediscover the confident and successful woman you truly are.
When you dress in style, you will walk with confidence.

Respecting your own values and how you want to present will command respect from others at the highest level.

Image Consultant

People do ask what is an Image Consultant? Image Consultants are qualified and dedicated to helping individuals and companies on all aspects of personal appearance, behaviour, and communication to ensure a winning image in your life and in your business.

About Julie Hyne

Julie is a Professional Image Consultant accredited with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and an active member for the Australian Chapter. She has a successful executive background and knows what it takes to succeed in the business world. With 30 years’ experience, her passion and knowledge for image coupled with her caring nature has enabled her to empower countless executive women to achieve their personal and professional best.


Julie’s process helped me gain real clarity of my own unique value proposition and develop the confidence to own it. As a result I’ve taken on significant public speaking and event opportunities confident in how I look in my own skin. This is a real gift, I now have enjoyment deciding how to present on any given day.


Astrid K

Before working with Julie, my wardrobe felt cluttered, I struggled to find the right outfit for any occasion. Working with Julie has provided me with insights into styles and colours that work best for me and brought a new perspective on the role of professional presence and impact



I started working with Julie when I was commencing a new role to ensure I could build credibility quicky and acquire a more professional and elegant look. Working with Julie has helped to set me up for success in this role and in readiness for my next by helping me understand the clothes that really work to improve the professional impact I need. Without Julie I would not have known where or how to start.


Melissa G

What inspired me to engage with Julie was the challenge of remaining appropriately stylish (but comfortable!) once I turned 60.

I’m now much clearer on what works for me and what doesn’t, I feel far more comfortable in my own skin and am confident I will no longer make expensive purchasing mistakes. I’m receiving compliments, feel younger, and certainly am far more at ease than when I was putting on my ‘armour’ each day to enter the professional arena.
I thoroughly recommend working with Julie to maximise your personal confidence and professional impact.


Jane C

Julie encouraged me to approach my wardrobe as a strategic investment in my future and as a visual statement of who I am.
I am now more confident in my selection which gives me the confidence to be bolder in my professional life. I would highly recommend Julie for anyone seeking to amp up their personal image and style.


Rebecca L

As a busy CEO, I have little time to shop and struggled to find suitable corporate clothes that would give me a point of difference. During the time I have worked with Julie, I know I am wearing clothes that fit me properly and that they are appropriate for whatever I may need to do that day. Julie has certainly been a partner in my career journey and success!
I would thoroughly recommend Julie to anyone who is looking for style advice and to ensure that the money being invested in their wardrobe is being used effectively.


Samantha R

After COVID it was confusing as to what I should wear on screen and in the office. I was fast approaching my 60th birthday and wanted to have an energetic and professional look venturing into another senior executive role.

Julie is so knowledgeable and has helped me dress in a way that allows me to feel comfortable and confident now when meeting and working with clients. I am very thankful to Julie for her advice, support and challenging me to be more open-minded about what I wear and how I wear it.



Having just celebrated my 50th birthday and commencing a new phase in my life, I feel somehow empowered, that I now have a new-found confidence in my appearance and more importantly, my relationships with those I come in contact with. Many, many thanks, you’ve changed my life!


Ruth Brown

Last week I applied for another job and the recruiter called me up in the morning asking if I could interview with the client that very same afternoon. I took about 2 seconds to look down and check out what I was wearing and say yes! I knew I looked extremely presentable, and I absolutely loved the absence of stress around what I was wearing. By the way I got the job!


Nuala Young

I recognized that no matter what has happened or is going in one’s life it is possible to create a very positive and confident image. I can still believe in myself and be the best I can be. You are an amazing woman. You are very easy to talk to, and you are very intelligent and an amazing thinker.


Giselle Muller

Having known Julie personally and professionally for 15 years, I can truly say she lives and breathes what she shares with her clients to express their own unique image and style. She is able to communicate her expertise elegantly and guide clients to apply the principles in personal and professional life. If you haven’t yet experienced Julie’s ‘magic’, you’ve been missing out!


Susan Davie

(Owner/Director of New Choices)