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As a successful career woman, you're in control of your professional destiny. With experience and expertise on your side, you know where you're going. But is your appearance helping you get there?

Professional success isn't just about your skills and expertise. Having an authentic personal image that makes you more confident, credible, and impressive can magnetise your life, greatly enhancing your opportunities and results.

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How We Help

Julie will help you master your appearance and create a strong personal and professional brand, enabling you to reach your highest potential.

Executive Style Packages

Designed to help professional women reflect their true and authentic presence with impeccable style.


Style Accelerator
Laying the foundation for your signature style is a crucial first step in creating an authentic, professional image. Julie teaches you the basic components of what comprises a signature style and shows you how you can develop them.


Style Management
A one-year collaboration to completely transform your personal brand. Julie shows you how to develop and enhance your personal signature style, including clothes sourcing, calendar matching, professional style assistance. This is the complete executive package.


Having known Julie personally and professionally for 15 years, I can truly say she lives and breathes what she shares with her clients to express their own unique image and style. She is able to communicate her expertise elegantly and guide clients to apply the principles in personal and professional life. If you haven’t yet experienced Julie’s ‘magic’, you’ve been missing out!

Susan Davie (Owner/Director of New Choices)

I recognized that no matter what has happened or is going in one’s life it is possible to create a very positive and confident image. I can still believe in myself and be the best I can be. You are an amazing woman. You are very easy to talk to and you are very intelligent and an amazing thinker.

Giselle Muller

Last week I applied for another job and the recruiter called me up in the morning asking if I could interview with the client that very same afternoon. I took about 2 seconds to look down and check out what I was wearing and say yes! I knew I looked extremely presentable and I absolutely loved the absence of stress around what I was wearing. By the way I got the job!

Nuala Young

Having just celebrated my 50th birthday and commencing a new phase in my life, I feel somehow empowered, that I now have a new-found confidence in my appearance and more importantly, my relationships with those I come in contact with. Many, many thanks, you’ve changed my life!

Ruth Brown

About Julie Hyne

Julie is a Professional Image Consultant accredited with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and an active member for the Melbourne Chapter. She has a successful executive background and knows what it takes to succeed in the business world. With 30 years’ experience, her passion and knowledge for image coupled with her caring nature has enabled her to empower countless executive women to achieve their personal and professional best.



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