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Styling the executive woman for personal and business success

 Julie Hyne, Professional Image Consultant

When we know we look good, we feel buoyant, more positive and more confident. It is no coincidence that at these times we seem to attract good things. When we don’t feel on top of our looks there is often stress, a focus on what’s not right, and an awkwardness that takes energy to hide from others.

When we break it down, our appearance or personal style has high-stake implications for our personal effectiveness.
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As an executive, we know that planning and execution of the plan is the formula for successful outcomes in business. Being effective in managing how we look requires precisely the same approach. Julie’s approach broadly consists of the following:

  1. Defining your personal style and planning the resourcing in advance
  2. Ensuring the whole package is attended to, to achieve the desired outcomes

This may sound similar to what you hear from other stylists but there are two fundamental differences.

  1. Julie’s history, knowledge and training – she is an Image Consultant and accredited with the most respected organisation in her industry, AICI (Association of Image Consultants International)
  2. The comprehensiveness of her superior offering tailored to the needs of executive women

Julie’s service encapsulates not just your clothing, but everything to do with your image and how you wish to be perceived: your personal style needs based on body shape, personality and proportion, hair, make-up, grooming, accessorising, colour analysis, image enhancement, calendar planning and outfit management, first look VIP viewing of designer outfits and more.

Her focus is on creating a powerful personal brand statement for the women she works with and empowering her clients with Style for Life.

Why work with Julie?

Julie’s 30+ years’ experience in industries where appearance and image are key to success, means you will develop a strategic approach to your personal style that will present you in a credible, confident, and magnetic way – with ease – in the environment you operate in.

Here are some of the hallmarks of her service:

A comprehensive, individually-tailored approach

Together with Julie, plan to achieve your aspirations and address your unique fears and frustrations around what to wear every day.

Peace of mind

You’ll eliminate the stress of what to wear. Feel fantastic and be at your best every single day. The instant recognition, compliments, and second glances will make you feel a million dollars!

An accredited AICI Professional Image Consultant

You can be sure Julie understands the psychology and science behind correct colour selection, body shape, proportions and personality, critical to enhancing your unique personal image.

A renewed feeling that anything's possible

You’ll discover how to dress for your success, in whatever that means for you. You’ll feel stress-free, in control, and magnetic – ready to seize the day, smash your goals, and live your best life.

Valuable life experience

As a mature woman, Julie has worked with a variety of social and organisational cultures. She understands the realities of aging and changing body shape and the techniques you can use to feel more attractive and youthful as you go through these processes.

Personality and power

Feel congruent and confident presenting yourself as a dynamic, influential woman of substance. Learn how to add that bit of flair within the boundaries of what’s appropriate and professional for your industry and role.

Complete confidentiality

Professional and personal integrity is completely understood and practiced.


When I met Julie I was not confident in the clothes that I had. Julie helped me enormously by working through my wardrobe, identifying key elements that did not suit me and showing me what styles and colours complimented my body shape, age and personal taste. The outcome was significant and pleasing. Working with Julie has been a lifetime investment that rewards me every day. Thank you, Julie.

Joan Gladman (Real Estate Auctioneer and Business Owner)

Julie Hyne gives the kind of advice every working woman of “a certain age” should take if they want to boost their self confidence in the workplace and their private lives. I had lost direction with my personal style. One consultation with Julie helped me to rediscover the best aspects of my appearance and redefined my image and wardrobe, giving me a new lease on life. Thank you, Julie!

Donna Mongan


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