Julie Hyne, Professional Image Consultant

Julie is an internationally accredited consultant with over 30 years experience mentoring, designing and collaborating with Australian professional women. She saw the need for a specialized approach to styling female executives and women in competitive careers.

Julie continues to work with hundreds of women in leadership roles, helping to enhance and redefine their aesthetic identity across all walks of life. She is a mother, an author, content creator, a business owner, and philanthropist

Julie Hyne Image Consultant
Supporting Women To Succeed

Julie is herself a successful executive — she knows what it takes for women to thrive in business, and the challenges they face. She believes there is strength in femininity. Julie seamlessly combines her clients’ personal goals with authoritative clothing trends. Their comfort is her highest priority.

Julie’s journey through salon management, professional makeovers, personal shopping, corporate consulting, and volunteer work led her to create a series of online programs — making the prestige world of image consulting accessible to all working women.

Julie’s passion for women’s empowerment, her wealth of experience, her qualifications, and her empathy are at the heart of her endeavors. Her courses and workshops assist women to cultivate their own aesthetic brand, and build confidence in their public image

Supporting The Community

Julie found her calling after being invited back to her private all-girls’ school to teach the Year 10 classes about professional readiness. Throughout her career, she retained her drive to prepare the next generation of women to succeed.

After receiving her accreditation as a Certified Image Professional (CIP, AIPI) Julie worked with individuals and NFPs — including the government-funded program Dress for Success, helping underprivileged women get back into the workforce. Her driving force has always been supporting women from all walks of life to transition into their most elegant, confident, influential selves

Guidance and Experience

Julie works with senior executive women who place their trust in her because of her maturity, compassion, discretion, and authenticity — everything they aspire to be, reflected in her as a guide. She continues to work one-on-one with them as an image consultant, producing online seminars, and speaking in public about issues impacting women in the workplace.

Julie’s qualifications include:

    • Bachelor of Business
    • Diploma of Modelling
    • Certificate in TV and Media Presenting
    • Etiquette Trainer certification
    • Psychology of Style certification
    • Accredited member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)


Having just celebrated my 50th birthday and commencing a new phase in my life, I feel somehow empowered, that I now have a new-found confidence in my appearance and more importantly, my relationships with those I come in contact with. Many, many thanks, you’ve changed my life!

Ruth Brown

Last week I applied for another job and the recruiter called me up in the morning asking if I could interview with the client that very same afternoon. I took about 2 seconds to look down and check out what I was wearing and say yes! I knew I looked extremely presentable, and I absolutely loved the absence of stress around what I was wearing. By the way I got the job!

Nuala Young

I recognized that no matter what has happened or is going in one’s life it is possible to create a very positive and confident image. I can still believe in myself and be the best I can be. You are an amazing woman. You are very easy to talk to, and you are very intelligent and an amazing thinker.

Giselle Muller

Having known Julie personally and professionally for 15 years, I can truly say she lives and breathes what she shares with her clients to express their own unique image and style. She is able to communicate her expertise elegantly and guide clients to apply the principles in personal and professional life. If you haven’t yet experienced Julie’s ‘magic’, you’ve been missing out!

Susan Davie
(Owner/Director of New Choices)