3AW interview with Ross and John breakfast on Julia Gillard wearing glasses.
Interview with Ross of 3AW


Just a hundred years out Queen Elizabeth was a 16th century monarch. Whats it matter.

Ross: 11 minutes to 8 Julie Hyne is an image stylist good morning to you Julie.

Julie: Good morning how are you.

Ross: She turns up yesterday at the National Press Club to announce a surprise election two hundred and twenty-seven days out, her hair looks different, she’s got glasses on and she’s wearing clothing that has got piping on it. Do you think Julia Gillard has a stylist.

Julie: I think most definitely Julia Gillard has been receiving some assistance, you only have to look at the photos from her you know years ago before she came in to the position that she’s in, and there’s quite a transformation from her look then to her look now. And why shouldn’t she have one.

Ross: No I don’t disagree with that I know there’s someone particularly close to me once who won a stylist consultation with a stylist and it was absolutely fascinating. But the stylist comes in and says you’ve got this sort of body you shouldn’t wear that you shouldn’t you should wear a belt that goes that goes around you, you shouldn’t wear that you shouldn’t wear this, because Julia Gillard for the best part of her prime ministership wore that one style of skirt is that the word I’m looking for?

Julie: Yes, she has developed her own signature style but you know as Stylists we, well how I work anyway is really to try and help people develop their style expression within the boundaries of their own personality so it’s not really about telling people necessarily that you definitely can’t wear that and you can’t wear that its how can we wear that to look attractive and to think we feel good in a particular body shape and style.

Ross: But even so Julie considering a job what a stylist say to her for example look you are the prime minister and you’re going to an election you’ve got to look statesmanlike, therefore navy blue and white are the colours for you.

Julie: Definitely they would be pieces of advice that will be given to Julia in terms of her style direction and also what are the appropriate colour combinations that she should be wearing because colours can send off enormous messages to other people. So the cleanliness of the styles that she wears is very important, and whether it’s actually enhancing her as a person. And who she’s meeting you know where she’s going, what of meetings is she going to.

Ross: What about the glasses Julie. As a stylist do you ever tell someone to lose the glasses or to wear glasses?

Julie: Look I think again that comes back to what are their personal goals where are they going what are the types of people that they are meeting.

Ross: Talking about her, did she need those glasses or she being told to wear glasses because it conveys a message?

Julie: Well we don’t know whether Julia has actually had if they are a prescript glasses or not I’m assuming that they probably are.

Ross: Because she could have contact lenses she does not need glasses she’s got a choice.

Julie: She has got a choice and all women have a choice and glasses are an accessory item and they can become very much a part of your total look and your total outfit, they can actually update a classic look you can quickly change the attitude of an outfit which of course is the image that, that person is putting across to people.

Ross: Can many men use a stylist?

Julie: Of course men can use a stylist I’m actually out shopping with a gentleman on Saturday as it happens, so men also go through the same issues and in some cases insecurity.

Ross: What’s the most common bit of advice you give to a man when he’s employed you as a stylist what’s the most common mistake men make?

Julie: I think is allowing their wife to shop for them.

Ross: What about the look what’s the worst look?

Julie: Really probably they don’t haven’t identified what look they actually wanted to try and create, and so they have a mishmash of different things being put together. A lot of men I find don’t really understand colour. So they are wearing totally the wrong colours.

Ross: I ask you know for those of us who may or may not have teenage sons, what is your view of the wearing of a pair of we’re going out to a social event wearing a pair of shorts with black socks and black shoes.

Julie: Look you know teenage style is a thing in its own, and there’s a lot of different looks.

Ross: Alright I will tell you what I will put the challenge to Burns will both of us pose for a photograph to put up on my own our social media wearing shorts with black socks and black shoes I cannot tell you how unbelievably popular that is as a look, Julie lovely to talk with you.

Julie: Lovely to talk Ross.

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