Can Styling and Branding Boost your Mood?

Styling and branding is sometimes dismissed as lightweight window dressing at best and a waste of time at worst.

However for those in the know styling and branding services can be a game changer – not just for making a good first impression, or boosting your career, but it can also boost your mood and confidence.

Right now, women are going through a lot, with a combination of a lack of opportunity, loss of work in feminised industries, days rolling into each other, home schooling (yes, you deserve a medal!) and other significant worries brought about by extended lockdowns and negative news cycles here in Australia.

No wonder women tell me they are feeling flat, a bit blah and wondering why they bother. It’s only normal with no real end in sight in the short term.

So in advance of our upcoming Style and Substance Webinar: Boost your Brand and Boost your Mood on 8 September, I posed the question to CEO Stylist, Julie Hyne – is there any science behind using styling and branding to boost your mood?

Here’s what Amanda shared

Q: Amanda – is there any science behind using styling and branding to boost your mood?

A: Julie – Did you know that studies on colour date way back to the 1600’s when Sir Isaac Newton discovered the colour spectrum? Since then we have learned even more about colour including the impact of colour psychology, along with a deeper understanding of how colour is perceived, viewed and interpreted based on your cultural upbringing, education, and emotional experience.

From the science of Behavioral Psychology we also learn that how you dress has a direct correlation on your mindset for success. Not only will you feel more confident but you’ll also be perceived more favorably when you dress for success, and all this is without delving into the detail about what colour says about you and what subliminal messages you might be sending.

Wardrobe and colour choices are also two prominent levers to pull for your professional video presence as well, and given we spent much of our day online now, and can see ourselves reflected back in all our glory, worrying about your appearance can definitely undermine your confidence.

Artists and interior designers also use colour to affect moods, feelings, and emotions.

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions” 

~ Pablo Picasso

Color is a powerful communication tool. It can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions. 

Have you heard of Dopamine Dressing Amanda?

Dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter and is one of the “happy hormones” and an important chemical in the brain. It strongly affects your mood, attention and motivation. When it’s lacking you know about it and can feel blue. At the opposite end of the spectrum, when it’s high you feel great.

Lack of variety also affects dopamine levels or should I say, increased variety can boost dopamine. During lockdown we simply aren’t getting our usual dopamine fix by way of variety so once again it’s pretty normal that you might be feeling flat.

Using rich sensory input such as the colour, shape and texture, you can also trigger your brain to boost dopamine.

Accessories may also help.

Doing a wardrobe makeover so you bring out some hidden items of clothing and increasing the variety of options available to you, might also be the trigger you need to give your brain to boost dopamine.

Plus, when it comes to colour psychology, some colours are far more likely to make you feel good than others and this is almost as variable between one person and another as a finger print based on your own unique history and experience of certain colours and what they represent to you

Different clothes make you feel differently.

“It has long been known that clothing affects how other people perceive us, as well as how we think about ourselves”-Adam Galinsky, researchers on enclothed cognition

Researchers also tell us that clothes can help to dampen anxiety, uplift depression, inspire focus, foster ambition, slow anger and achieve calm.

As we’re all working from home now, we know that wearing PJs or athleisure wear all day doesn’t necessarily engender a winners mindset. Every now and then it makes a difference to dress up, put on our work uniform (so to speak), to get our professionalism on. It will not only boost your confidence but has the power to boost your mood.


Once again, I’m delighted to partner with talented women who empower other women. Julie and I are delivering a free webinar on Wednesday 8 September helping you to boost your brand and boost your mood. In fact, you might just get a career boost as well as this stuff truly works.

Details below

WHEN: Wednesday 8 September 2021 from 12noon (AEST)

BOOKINGS: in the link


And we’re back! After the amazing turnout in 2020 for our Style and Substance webinars, Julie and I are delighted to be back. This time to use branding and styling to help boost your mood. To be honest we can’t wait.

Style and branding does way more than just boost your career, it can also boost your mood which is much needed in today’s crazy lockdown environments. 

Women are going through a lot, with a combination of a lack of opportunity, lack of variety, home schooling and other worries brought about by lockdowns and negative news cycles. 

Join Julie Hyne and Amanda Blesing for the return of their Style and Substance Webinars as we each share ideas guaranteed to boost your brand and boost your mood.

Yes we’ll be recording for those who can’t attend in person.