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Kayley: Now women often complain about not being able to achieve a certain look, and we often say, I hate my body, I’ve got nothing to wear, I don’t like shopping. I can tick off all of these, I feel frumpy, I used to be a size whatever. Julie Hyne is an image specialist, and she’s on the line, she says the fact is no one is perfect and relying on fashion magazines to tell you what to wear is not going to work in your favour, good day Julie.

Julie: Hi Kayley how are you.

Kayley: Thank you for your time I’m very well thank you on a long weekend, how do women come to terms with the realization that looking great is not limited to your size age or shape.

Julie: Well that’s a really good question because a lot of women do get really frustrated with how they look at certain times of their lifestyle and it’s really how they come to terms that is to really investigate well, what’s happening with my body right now at the moment, you know what should I be wearing ,is it appropriate for me at this particular time of my life, is it appropriate for how my body is presenting to me at the moment, and the size and women get so hung up on size Kelly I have to say, size is just a number it’s not something that they should feel that they own, you know it’s all about how something looks on you and how it works with your body the way it is now to be ultra-flattering and to help them feel attractive. So it’s a little bit of a myth you know that size is something that we need to be really conscious of.

Kayley: I mean if you’re really lucky enough to be the same size in your 50s as you were in your 20s then that’s great that’s fantastic. But the fact is probably most of us would not be.

Julie: No look women go through about four different bodies shape changes actually.

Kayley: Where I am at the moment please tell me four.

Julie: You still got one left to go actually so you know we all go at this age bracket that we are at 50 a lot of women do go through that terrible time of the big M and all sort of things happen to their bodies, then they might put on weight, they might lose weight. Their skin changes, their hair colour changes, everything changes and any wonder why they start to feel a little bit out of sync with what’s going on. So even if they are the same size is what they were when they were in their 20s they still have to think about well you know ,I can’t necessarily wear the same thing that I used to in my 20s, it has to be modified, it has to be appropriate to where you are in life and your lifestyle, and your personality, and you know what you’re doing in your life as well so that you as a person feel completely aligned and in sync you know it just that age.

Kayley: Apart from the fact they would be flat out finding a boob tube now.

Julie: And again another one of the things was you know wearing the right underwear too to support your shape as you’re getting older to because hey, we’re not all blessed with fabulous muscle tone as we’re getting older so there’s wonderful products out there for women to really help them define their shape and feel confident in their clothes again as well.

Luke: Julie , my leaving year for high school was 1979 and a few years ago we had or 30th school reunion, now that sorts people out. 30 years later and there was a very, very good friend of mine of mine I’ve known her 50 years this year we started school together at the age of 4 in 1966. and she didn’t come to the school reunion because she was concerned at how she looked, because she has put some weight and I thought at the time it was terribly sad because I really wanted this person there and she was too embarrassed, isn’t that awful.

Kayley: I think that’s really common.

Julie: Well I think it’s common across the board and a lot of women will be trying and hide themselves in what they wear ,they’re either go to wearing a lot of black or they’ll just wear things that are total sacks. And the thing is even if a woman has put on a little bit of weight you can still dress to be able to create shape and to create you know, that feeling of attractiveness for a woman and that’s just really understanding, well what style should I be wearing now, and what actually flatters my figure now, what colour should I be wearing as I am now. And how do I put all of that, how do I marry all of that together so that I feel confident and I feel attractive, and the weight thing is not an issue because we’re actually working with what you’ve got to create something that she actually likes the reflection on herself when she looked in the mirror.

Kelly: And as you say style is not squeezing into something that is not meant to be wearing and we all I guess seen people and you think oh gosh that’s not a good choice.

Julie: What were you thinking sort of comment ,and that really just happens when women have no idea as to what they should be buying. And you know it’s dressing inappropriately for your age, dressing inappropriately for your body shape ,it’s being in a style rut where you’re still wearing things that you wore years ago and you think you still look okay but no one’s actually put their hand up to say have you actually really thought about what you’re wearing. So women can do a lot of things to actually confess all of this for themselves in terms of whether they are outdated or whether they’re venturing into style rut. You know it’s just about going into wardrobe and being aware of what’s currently out there and what’s in your wardrobe and if what is in your wardrobe is actually relevant to what’s out there at the moment, are you outdated, are all the things that you’ve had in your wardrobe, were they fashionable at the time and they are not fashionable now, do they need tweaking a little bit to bring them up into this day and age there’s all sorts of things that women can do that it just take a little bit of effort too.

Kayley: And you’ve given us five important qualities of good style, so you’ve got be appropriate what else is on that list?

Julie: To dress your age, be appropriate and what that means is be appropriate to yourself, be appropriate to the situation, and also the people that you’re meeting, keep it simple, style doesn’t have to be hard, you must keep it simple, keep it easy keep it fun. Then it can work for you, don’t over complicate things and also to feel confident in what you’re wearing. If you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing then it’s going to show to everyone else and you’re going to feel ridiculous, and also if you feel confident you’re going to carry it off with poise and presence as well, and then that’s going to exude your personal style and be natural in what you’re doing. So that all comes from understanding your body type, understanding where you’re at with life, understand your personality type and getting those types of garments into your wardrobe that actually work with all of those elements.

Kayley: And Julie you can work with people on this through your business what’s your Website if people would like to get in touch with you?

Julie: Sure it’s

Kayley: To easy Julie thank you we might catch up with you in a couple of weeks.

Julie: Yes, that would be great thanks Kelly have a lovely evening.

Kayley: Thanks to you too Julie Hyne there with some great tips on staying stylish.

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