Kelly: We like to have Julie Hyne on every few weeks just to talk about how important it is to reassess your look and how you dress when you get past a certain age. Julie is a 50 plus single mum and she can relate to many women out there who are struggling to make ends meet but still want to look good you still may be looking maybe you in the workplace or you want to get back into the workplace, Julie’s on the line hello Julie.

Julie: Hi Kelly how are you.

Kelly: Terrific and thank you for your time tonight.

Julie: You’re very welcome.

Kelly: Now you’ve done a lot of work with many women is sort of rediscovering themselves. And do you think everybody should maybe you know reassess their look at a certain age or a certain time?

Julie: Look I think that’s a really good thing to do because you know sometimes we just get in a rush or we’re getting a pattern of just repeating things over and over again because we all become so busy in our lifestyles and we don’t often take the time to just do a stock take and a check over as to, well you know, let’s just have a look at this. How are we presenting? Are we presenting in the best way to really project ourselves and communicate the right message to the people that we want to make the right impression too, so yes I think it’s very important that every now and then we just really do a reconciliation I suppose on how we’re coming across, what do we see when we look in the mirror, how do other people perceive us any given point in time and is it projecting the right message. Are we going to attract the right people that we want to attract into our lives and our careers and our professions so yeah it’s very, very important.

Kelly: But it’s a fine line though between that and feeling comfortable isn’t it I mean you still want to feel that you look good. But you know if you looking at it it’s really difficult because like I have stable things in my wardrobe that I like to, so I’m not big on pattern’s I’m not big on I like to wear dark colours on the bottom and all these sort of things, but you and have had a chat about this before and you’ve suggested some different things that I would never even considered, so where is that line between being comfortable and being fashionable?

Julie: Well look fashion is fashion. It comes and goes and trends come and go. And not all trends are going to be appropriate for where you are in a certain time of your life. So it’s important to think about ‘okay where am I how old am I and what’s appropriate for me and how can I adopt what’s in fashion now to my personal style.” And everyone has a different style  Kelly and we experienced that this morning in the event at the Sofitel. A lot of people would not even dream of necessarily trying on something that might be left of centre of what they would normally reach for from the rack. That’s where working with someone who knows style and knows body shape and knows colours and whether the patterns are going to be appropriate for you, what type of pattern, what type of fabric texture, colour, all of those things you know, when you put them all together can create really specific looks and create messages which become authentically you. I think that’s where people sometimes get lost, they know they want to project a certain style; they know what they feel comfortable in, but they can’t pull it together. They can’t find the individual pieces to actually be able to pull one look together.

Speaker 3: You’ve got to be comfortable and confident in your own skin so look I’m not going to pull off the 28-inch hipster look that’s just not going to happen for me right now. We we’re almost out of time but Julie quickly for men how should boys dress for the office?

Julie: How should boy’s dress for the office well look that’s whole other topic when we’re talking about dress code and that’s almost a politically incorrect topic at the moment because dress codes are undergoing this enormous transformational overhaul on a global basis in all sorts of different industries so different industries types have different dress code and the whole casual Friday thing brings a whole different element into it as well. So depending on what industry you’re in it can determine what type of dress you should wear going into the office. And I always think there’s three things you should think about, one is to dress for yourself ; So dress appropriately for yourself in terms of colour, style, image, and dress appropriately for who you’re going to meet that day and dress appropriately for what you want to achieve for the day and the situation that you’re going to be in.

Kelly: Julie just quickly sorry we’re out of time what’s your Website quickly?


Kelly: Perfect thank you.

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