Podcast Interview by Helga Svendsen and Julie Hyne

Today on the Take on Board podcast, I’m speaking with Julie Hyne about the relevance and importance of dressing for Boardroom success in a post-pandemic world (if we are there yet?).

Julie is former has recently stepped down from the board of the Association of Image Consultants International – Australia Board as Secretary.

Julie Hyne is an experienced and Certified Image Professional who helps senior executive women learn how to dress for boardroom success so that they always look great and are recognised in leadership circles.

Through her established Style For Life program, Julie removes the daily frustration of time and decisions women experience getting dressed to replace it with clarity, confidence and personal power.

Julie has been an Image Consultant for 20 years and has helped hundreds of senior executive women who hold key positions of influence in Australia.

“what’s happening now is that women are very confused. The dress code ethos that we all grew up with, professional dress, business, casual, social, casual, etc. has all just been thrown up in the air, and it’s all falling down all over the place. So women are really a little bit unsure as to how they should dress now when they go into the boardroom. 

It’s about showing up with respect showing up, still well groomed, still well presented, still engaged still in that work mind set, and being able to engage the audience, irrespective of whether you have a screen in front of you or not.”

You can listen to the podcast here